Protective Mat
A ground mat perfect for high traffic areas such as under swings and at the foot of slides. These mats keep the ground in check for year-round clean play!

The Octotile Lawn mat is porus and allows grass to grow through the protective matting while protecting the soil from wear and tear.

Easily maintained floor tiles

Octotile Lawn Mat

Clean Mulch Play area
Play Bark

& Bark Mulch

Backyard Adventures Play Bark is clean, economical & certificated for use in children’s play areas. Aesthetically, it also lends wonderfully to our play equipment.

We offer a service, whereby we can install a colour-matched, ‘sleeper-type’ wooden box frame around our play-sets and disperse a suitable depth of bark over a protective sheath creating a contained play-zone for your children

Play Area Mulch

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